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I’m coming back to make another film in Mumbai: Danny Boyle

June 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Danny Boyle says coming to Mumbai feels like coming home. Being one of the minuscule minority who didn’t enjoy Slumdog Millionaire I thought Danny for me was a long shot. But surprise surprise!

Danny Boyle could be a huge lesson in accessibility to those Bollywood entertainers who react adversely to criticism and open their doors only to those mediapersons who praise their work.

Getting the Slumdog director on the line proved easier than I thought. I was immediately connected to him …no call-wait as a long battery of deputies inform the firang celebrity- director of the caller, no pretensions as he mumbled he was “still asleep” and could I call him back in an hour?

An hour later just before he got busy with a snarl of meetings before flying out of Mumbai, the softspoken auteur director took time off to answer some questions.

How do you feel to be back in Mumbai?
I miss Mumbai when I’m away.

Would you make another film in Mumbai?
Yes! In fact that’s another reason apart from the Trust why we’re in Mumbai. We’ve had couple of meeting about another project in Mumbai. It won’t happen this year. But it will certainly happen next year. I will certainly enjoy coming back to Mumbai to make another film.

Slumdog Millionaure has been an exhilarating experience for everyone?
Quite extraordinary.

Another film apart, what brings you to Mumbai, Danny?
What we’ve come here for is to hand over …things…to the Trust (created for the Slumdog Millionaire kids). I know the newspapers want to write stuff like, ‘Danny Rides To Their Rescue’. The truth about what we’re doing is far less glamorous and far more professional.

What exactly do you hopet to achieve?
To put the resources in the appropriate hands of trustees and a social worker who will make sure that all the right steps are taken to ensure long-term financial security for the kids. We really need to get out of this cycle of unsavoury allegations and reports (about how the Slumdog funds are being used for the kids).

You seem to be pulled back to Mumbai by forces that aren’t exactly in your hands?
Not at all.It’s always a pleasure to come to Mumbai. We came here for many reasons, one of them was to meet the trustees and take the matter of the kids forward, to press the families to accept the accommodation that has been offered to them many many times and try to to reassure them. We don’t know why they didn’t want to accept the accommodation that was offered.

And have you succeeded?
I’m glad to say we’ve slowly made our way forward. What matters is not what is written about the issue in the press but the long-term welfare of the kids. We want to make sure that the kids (from Slumdog Millionaire) benefit from the success of the film and from their presence in the film. And I’m confident they will benefit.

The growing expectations of a section of your film’s cast seems hard to deal with. How are you coping?
We’re trying our best. To be honest the most appropriate way we thought, was to make a big donation. And we did. Now we’re here to see the outline of the project that’s being carried out in Bandra East.

This project will help approximately 5, 000 children and 2, 000 families. Most of them have nothing to do with the film and they may never know about Slumdog Millionaire.

But the project will give back to the slum kids some of the benefit we got by working in it. I’d love to give back to the people of Mumbai some of the joy they’ve given me. These are people I probably wouldn’t see. But I feel their presence.


MUMBAI MIRROR RUMOUR: Cyrus and Sonam are dating each other!

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

VJ Cyrus Sahukar, who played the sleazy photographer Suresh in Delhi-6, might have lost Sonam Kapoor to Abhishek Bachchan in the film, but he certainly got lucky in real life. Sonam and Cyrus, who became good friends while shooting for Delhi-6, are now seeing each other. The two will also be seen together in Ayesha, which is the Bollywood adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic Emma. The film is being produced by Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor.

A source close to the actress said, “Sonam and Cyrus have been seeing each other since the past few months. Their friendship grew stronger after Delhi-6, which was their first film together. The two are extremely fond of each other and enjoy spending quality time together. They usually hang out together and were recently spotted together at a suburban restaurant.”

Not too long ago, Cyrus had said in an interview, “Sonam beats me up randomly. I think she was my doctor in my last life. Whenever I’m a little low, she electrocutes me.”

Known for his comic timing and wit, Cyrus was also seen in Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra’s Rang De Basanti before Delhi-6.

Sonam denied the news of being romantically involved with Cyrus. “There is no truth to it,” she said.

All hell broke loose when Kareena came on stage

May 23, 2009 Leave a comment

It was her first visit to Ahmemadad. But one that she’s unlikely to forget for the rest of her life.

Thousands of star-struck Gujarati fans swarmed the Kanavati Club when when they got to know the event organized by Vashu Bhagnani for his son Jackky’s debut will feature Kareena Kapoor.

The fans were excitable enough when Sophie Chowdhary danced with Jackky Bhagnani.

But all hell and yell broke loose when Kareena came on stage for a medley of her hit songs.

To say pandemonium prevailed would be an understatement. As hundreds of Kareena’s fan ran towards her on stage the security bandobast went almost bust.

Anything could have happened to the panic-stricken actress.

Groggy and shaken Vashu Bhagnani said, “It’s true. Ahmedabad went crazy for Kareena.We expected a huge turn-out at the Karnavati Club. But not this much. 30, 000 people showed up. And when Kareena came on stage they lost control. About 400 people rushed to the stage. Fortunately we whisked her out from the back entrance. So nothing untoward happened.”

Vashu is eternally indebted to Kareena. “She took on these frenzied fans for my son’s sake. Who says this film industry is heartless? Kareena is all heart.”

In fact after the Ahmedabad incident Vashu had reservations about asking Kareena to be part of the next Vashu-Jackky show in Delhi on 27 May. But Kareena is adamant.

Says Kareena, “Yeah it did get pretty tricky at a point. Yeh sab hota hai. It was my first visit to Ahemedabad. I performed a medley of my best songs choreographed by Remo. It was for Vashuji’s son. How can I forget he gave me my first big hit Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai? No when his son is entering films it’s my duty to support him.”

The unruly fans rattled her. But to her surprise hordes of her little girl -fans descended at the venue of the performance dressed as her character Geet in Jab We Met.

Laughs Kareena pleasurably, “It simply zapped me. I completely forgot the heat of Ahmedabad when I saw those girls. It will be a long time before I’m allowed to forget Geet in Jab We Met.”

Shah Rukh is most welcome in my show: Salman Khan

May 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Bollywood brat and India’s heart throb is back with a bang in ‘Dus ka Dum’ season 2. ‘Dus ka dum’ made news for several reasons before finalizing with Salman.

In spite of initial dispute over Salman’s fees his come back on the show bears out, Shehanshah has his replacement in Badshah but Sallu has none. He seemed to be in good mood this time while interacting with media but was equally alert to keep away from any controversy.

Following are the few wittiest excerpts of the interaction.

“Show chal gaya…that’s why I am back on the show, ” he reasons for his come back on TV. It was recently reported that Salman will not rope in his celebrity friends for the show as he is paid approximately half the amount that of last season.

But clever Sallu explains it differently, “I am left with very few friends in the industry so if I will find some new friends I will definitely get them”.

On asking how much he enjoyed being close to commoners on the show, he quips, “I am good to people outside the show as well (he takes a pause) depending upon the mood…otherwise I am a nice person”.

He admits that his favourite episode in the last season was with Aamir Khan, “I wanted him to win but I liked the fact that he did not take any risk”.

Will SRK be the guest on the show?…Sallu tried skipping this one but adamant media made him to answer, “He is most welcomed on the show if Sony gets him…Wo aayega toh khushnaseeb hai.”

Akshay’s only question that created a buzz all over in last season that “when will he get married?’, “I will have to think for this one, ” and Sallu left it unanswered.

Salman did not turn up this election to vote. “Had I been in town I would have definitely voted. I do not cast vote to show off”. He further suggests to the government, “make some law, if one votes he will be given incentive and if not he will be punished. Then every one will vote, even me, ” this was Salman’s escapism for not voting in this election.

On asking kitney pratishat people from film fraternity are happy about his success, lajawaab Salman answers this one honestly, “on camera 100% but off the record 90%”. Salman knows all his answers but kitney pratishat bhartiya truly missed Salman on television will be out soon.

kate winslet or rachel weisz to star opposite bollywod super star aamir khan

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Aamir Khan is going from strength to strength.

After almost all his movies did well in B-Town, he’s all set to make more headaway in the west.

Chances are he might be paired opposite recent Oscar winner Kate Winslet in a film to be directed by Pan Nalin.

The story is reportedly an adaptation of legendary Pakistani playwright Saadat Hasan Manto’s short story ‘Toba Tek Singh’ which speaks about the comic situation inside an Indian mental asylum in 1947, when India and Pakistan were being created.

The buzz is that though nothing’s been confirmed yet, Aamir is already quite excited about the whole thing.

After all he’s turned on by intelligent stuff. Pan has already narrated the script to Aamir impressing him in the process and he’s keen on the movie. That’s how a perfectionist is supposed to behave, it seems.

But work will start only when the bigger star in the scheme of things (well, that’s how it seems) gives a nod. Pan Nalin has kept his option open too.

If Kate opts out then he will rope in ‘The Mummy’ and ‘The Constant Gardener’ actress Rachel Weisz for playing the role of Dr Sophie.

He’s said “Either Kate or Rachel will be doing my film. I will be meeting both of them after my Cannes trip to finalise the casting. Either of them will be able to do justice to this marvelous story.”

If all goes well, Aamir perfection would literally cross the seven seas.

Shah Rukh to make Bollywood’s costliest movie

May 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Mumbai, Feb 15 (IANS) Indian screen superstar Shah Rukh Khan is spending an estimated Rs.1 billion for perhaps the costliest Bollywood movie to be made so far. The movie for children will be in the VFX medium, using computer-generated special effects.

It will be a movie featuring a lot of children who wish for bad things, but get a shocking reality check when they come true, Shah Rukh told Patrick Frater of Hollywood’s top trade magazine Variety in a recent interview in Berlin.

He is talking to Eros Multimedia and Charles Darby (of “The Matrix” and “Minority Report” fame), the visual effects guru, who recently co-ventured with Eros to launch Mumbai-based special effects Eyeqube Studios.

Shah Rukh said he was planning the movie under his home banner, Red Chillies Productions. The new venture – to be directed by Anubhav Sinha – had a budget of $25 million (almost Rs.1 billion), making it the most expensive Bollywood movie to date.

“We are dedicating the next eight or nine months to taking the best technicians from around the world and asking them to help us make the best VFX film India has ever made. It will be madcap, over the top. I want it to be as beautiful as ‘Spider-Man’ in terms of effects,” Khan told Variety.

The VFX medium uses computer-generated effects that give movies a fantasy-like feel. The best example of a VFX movie is Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park”, where computers made the dragons fly.

Asked why he has not yet been courted by Hollywood, he replied in his characteristic tongue-in-cheek manner: “”I’m waiting for someone like Steven Spielberg or James Cameroon (of “Titanic” fame) or some other great person like Ang Lee to make a film, a film about a brown, thin, scrawny Indian guy who doesn’t speak English too well. If they ever have a character like that and Google it, I’m sure they’ll find me.”

He said he’d love to do an action-comic movie like Chris Rock and Jackie Chan.

“As a producer I would like to make an Indian film that genuinely crosses borders, not a crossover film, where you forget that it has a language, like ‘Life Is Beautiful’. I didn’t realise at first that it was an Italian film. Or ‘The Lives of Others’. I think I can do it in my lifetime, maybe in the next five years.”

Shah Rukh admitted to the interviewer that his last year’s home production, “Om Shanti Om,” was full of clichés of Indian cinema. “But it is full of heart. I think we need to make more movies like this and gradually more and more people will come to like that,” he said.


May 14, 2009 Leave a comment

o the new buzz in bollywood industry is personal blogs. Whether its a movie promotion or Reality show promotion or its a promotion of your cricket team. Bollywood celebrities are now fighting over their personal blogs and commenting about each other, apologizing for comments, statements and what not.

It all started with Amir Khan, who started his own blog. Right after launching his blog, he actually launched personalized chat application so that he can talk to his fans.

Its a different story that the experience of chating on his site was chaos. So right after that many other bollywood celebrites started their own blogs. So let me compile the list of bollywood celebrities blogs: – Aamir Khan started this blog to promot his Lagaan DVD launch in India. He is been consistent and regular when it comes to posting on his blog. He keeps his fans upto date about his movies, shootings, incidents happened in his life etc. At times I felt that he might not be writing on his own but over his different posts, he made sure that everyone believes the its him.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog – Amitabh Bachchan also jumped into blogging right before the launch of Bhoothnath. He started promoting Bhoothnath and later talked about the maharashtra issues and created quite a bit of controversies. Well whatever it is, its good that his fans now can directly talk to him without having media in-between.

John Abraham Blog – Looks like John has his blog for quite sometime now. He is been posting articles on his website for almost 2 years but he is not regular. He posts only few articles. So far he has made only 5 to 6 articles.

Bipasa Basu’s Blog – Bipasa Basu also writes articles every now and then on her website. Latest entries talk about her first bengali film and thanking her fans who visited her website. I am not sure how authenticate this site is though.

Shilpa Shetty Blog – Shilpa Shetty has also launched her website which promotes her perfume line as well as her fitness and yoga DVDs. Everyone knows how fitness freak she is. The site has videos and pictures of her “biggest win ever” Big Brother and all that stuff. It also shows her biography, filmography and all but I don’t see her writing any blog entries to her fans.

Salman Khan Blog – Salman Khan has now started blogging in the event of promoting Dus Ka Dum.

Shobha De Blog – Shobha De started her own blog with Blogger.

Ram Gopal Vermas BlogRam Gopal Verma, one of the most famous producer director who made very popular movies like Rangeela, Sarkar etc.

Harbhajan Bhajji – Harbhajan Singh – Bhajji recently launched his own blog at BigAdda. You can access his blog by visiting

If you know any other celebrity blog, please leave your comments and I will include it here in the list. Enjoy and follow your celebrity.

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