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Shah Rukh is most welcome in my show: Salman Khan

Bollywood brat and India’s heart throb is back with a bang in ‘Dus ka Dum’ season 2. ‘Dus ka dum’ made news for several reasons before finalizing with Salman.

In spite of initial dispute over Salman’s fees his come back on the show bears out, Shehanshah has his replacement in Badshah but Sallu has none. He seemed to be in good mood this time while interacting with media but was equally alert to keep away from any controversy.

Following are the few wittiest excerpts of the interaction.

“Show chal gaya…that’s why I am back on the show, ” he reasons for his come back on TV. It was recently reported that Salman will not rope in his celebrity friends for the show as he is paid approximately half the amount that of last season.

But clever Sallu explains it differently, “I am left with very few friends in the industry so if I will find some new friends I will definitely get them”.

On asking how much he enjoyed being close to commoners on the show, he quips, “I am good to people outside the show as well (he takes a pause) depending upon the mood…otherwise I am a nice person”.

He admits that his favourite episode in the last season was with Aamir Khan, “I wanted him to win but I liked the fact that he did not take any risk”.

Will SRK be the guest on the show?…Sallu tried skipping this one but adamant media made him to answer, “He is most welcomed on the show if Sony gets him…Wo aayega toh khushnaseeb hai.”

Akshay’s only question that created a buzz all over in last season that “when will he get married?’, “I will have to think for this one, ” and Sallu left it unanswered.

Salman did not turn up this election to vote. “Had I been in town I would have definitely voted. I do not cast vote to show off”. He further suggests to the government, “make some law, if one votes he will be given incentive and if not he will be punished. Then every one will vote, even me, ” this was Salman’s escapism for not voting in this election.

On asking kitney pratishat people from film fraternity are happy about his success, lajawaab Salman answers this one honestly, “on camera 100% but off the record 90%”. Salman knows all his answers but kitney pratishat bhartiya truly missed Salman on television will be out soon.

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