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Shahrukh abandoning his Knights!

07-shahrukh-khan-110908Shahrukh Khan is called King Khan not without any reason. He makes his presence felt wherever he goes. The cricket stadiums in South Africa looked more lively a few days ago than it is now. The reason is, Shahrukh is back in India and is not cheering for his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. Will he return to South Africa? Very unlikely.

Well, the ever-energetic Shahrukh returned home mainly for two reasons – to vote for the Lok Sabha and get relief from the pain of watching his team go down time and again. Before leaving South Africa, he promised his team that he would not return if they didn’t win a match in his absence. Unfortunately, his team continued to lose and he is busy with his own work.

Now that his team is almost out of the contest for the semi finals berth in this year’s IPL, he has got himself busy shooting for his much-hyped film My Name Is Khan by Karan Johar. He said that his team has not lost motivation in spite of the string of loses. He said that some of the matches almost broke their hearts while they failed to perform on the others. He added that he had told his boys to go out and have fun.

In spite of doing very badly in the IPL season 2, the fact remains that Kolkata Knight Riders has the biggest brand value at $42.1 million. However, Shahrukh is worried in spite of the money flow, as he knew that his team should perform well to live up to it.

At the moment, he is not in the mood to decide the future course of the team. He just wants to stay away from them to take the pressure off their shoulders!

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