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Here’s the hottest rumour doing the rounds in the film industry. UTV, which has a slew of projects on floors and is still planning a few more projects, has signed Akshay Kumar for a whopping Rs.75 crores. If true, it would be the highest ever price paid to any actor in Bollywood. However, a trustworthy source at UTV laughed aloud when I called to verify the development. “That’s not true! We have signed Akki for one of our forthcoming projects, but the price is nowhere close to what you’ve heard. And we wouldn’t like to go on record to confirm the actual price,” he said. But the fact remains that Akki is the most sought-after actor in Bollywood today, in the same league as Shahrukh Khan.

  1. November 9, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    akshay kumar heyy you are very cool!
    shahrukh khan
    i love you
    please come in austria wien
    for me
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    i cry evry day
    for u
    please come in austria
    love u
    akshay i like u

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