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an ode to recession!!!

He sat under a tree sheltering from the burning sun

Thankful in his mind that his day’s work was done

He had laboured hard many hours that day

And he could rest content knowing he had justified his pay

Not many folk today can feel this way

Wanting to work less hours and demanding extra pay

Asking for something their employers cannot afford

Is there any wonder so many jobs have gone abroad?

This situation has led to many jobs being lost

Which we are now realising to our cost

And many more are becoming unemployed

As more and more technology is deployed

This process has been going on for many years

And recent events have consolidated our fears

For the effects of the recession have now appeared

As we hear of the jobs which have disappeared

The international recession has been given the blame

But the loss of our manufacturing base is to our shame

This was allowed to happen and no one seemed to care

Unfortunately the result is one all of us must share.

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