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Sonam feels Ash is no longer appealing

4253She has been associated with two flops but still talking tall just because associating with international brands like L’Oreal, the product which Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been endorsing from years long. Sonam Kapoor indirectly referred Ash too old to endorse the international cosmetic brand.

Apparently, Ash will only endorse anti wrinkle and anti aging products of L’Oreal while Sonam the products that would appeal the young generation. Speaking about two different products to be endorsed by two different actresses, Sonam said, “I think we belong to two different generations and that’s why L’Oreal has asked me to be a part of their brand.”

Her proudness could really be felt from her statement. In a roundabout way, she referred Ash losing her charm and no more appealing to the young generation.

If on one side, the actress is degrading the former Miss world then on the other side, she is full of praises for Ash. Sonam said, “I am glad to be an ambassador for the brand that Aishwarya is also associated with. I will never reach that level of success at which Aishwarya is today but being part of the same brand family feels great.”

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